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The review of the Canadian Organic Standards

August 13, 2019

What are the best ecological practices

Since 2009, all foods produced and sold in Canada that carry the Canada logo have been certified to the Canadian Organic Standards.

From oats to onions, maple syrup to milk, the Canadian Organic Standards (COS) cover a great range of food products, including processed foods, sprouts, meats and fruit.

For all these types of production, the COS promote and describe agricultural practices that minimize the impact of agriculture on our environment by promoting management practices that enrich soil fertility and promote animal welfare.

Referenced by the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, the COS must be updated and validated every years.

The public review has now started!

Farmers, processors, consumers and others are invited to comment on the proposed amendments to the Standard.

The Canadian General Standards Board is looking for your feedback!

The standards with the proposed amendments are presented in two versions:

– with tracked changes (suggested deletions are crossed out and additions are underlined)

– clean version (as if the proposed changes have been accepted)


All comments have to be submitted on the form provided by CGSB

and sent at


Changes inserted in the standards themselves will not be accepted.

Please be clear and concise and submit your comment by September 30, 2019.

To read more about the review, click here


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