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Parallel production for crop production in Canada – Acceptable or not?

October 30, 2018

Parallel production is back to the review process!

A stakeholder submitted the following petition under the COS review process:
Parallel production should be permitted. It is permitted under the NOP. Prohibiting parallel production only results in operators attempting to hide the parallel production by either forming a separate company, which is most cases, is not done legally and results in non-compliances and parallel production. It also prevents the CB from properly auditing the non-organic production.

The members of the Crop WG argued that it would cause too many problems regarding inspection and trust in the standards and rejected the proposed authorization of parallel production.

The parallel production is the simultaneous production or preparation of organic and non-organic crops, including transitional crops, livestock and other organic products of the same or similar, visually indistinguishable varieties.

Should the Canadian Organic Standards allow or prohibit parallel production?

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